We take seriously our responsibility to Earth, our home, as a place where all creation flourishes.  As an interfaith network in the Lawrence community, we endeavor to be faithful, relevant, and effective servants for educating and advocating eco-justice and environmental sustainability.

What we do

We commit ourselves to the following actions:

  • Educating the community on the issues of sustainable living in our ecosphere.
  • Raising the awareness of others on dangerous changes to our ecosphere.
  • Proposing and effecting solutions that will restore and bring sustainability to our ecosystem.
  • Communicating the needs and efforts of others in the community of active efforts for increased eco sustainability or improved environmental outcomes.
  • Supporting legislation that sustains our environment and actively express our opposition to initiatives of our government that do not.

Who we are

We are concerned and active people of faith. We are volunteers committed to making our world a better place. Our members are people just like you. Learn more…

Join Us

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